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The future workplace will be multi-generational, with four generations working side-by-side. Traditional notions of hierarchy and seniority will become less important. The skills for leading and managing the 4G workforce, and for facilitating collaboration across multiple generations and their values, will be in increasing demand.

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How do you change your job without changing jobs?

If you take parts of your work and reconfigure it, you’ll end up with a more meaningful job to better suit your talent and interests. Employees could map out ways to make their jobs more meaningful, and it can make them happier and more effective.
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Paying simultaneous attention to a number of sources of incoming information, but at a superficial level.

Different from multi-tasking. The two are differentiated by the impulse that motivates them.

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What is good for business is good for society and vice versa.

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Idea people play a more important role in HR decisions. People help to decide simple and complicated things that affect them. They vote, tag, rank, and develop things.

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Entrepreneurism as a lifestyle.
The desire for more flexibility is not confined to business.

Demographic factors, family care responsibilities, and a search for a better work life balance increase individual demands for more flexibility. Individuals pursue “micropreneurial” approaches 
that offer earnings potential, often alongside more conventional modes of employment.


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“This is what I know, and how I work. Look what people I have worked with are saying about me.”

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In addition to competitive advantages, there are also competitive collaborations. It’s not only about trying to understand how to be the best by competing with others, but how to grow by collaborating with others.


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People deny themselves the possibility of doing something to change. Victims assume that they don’t have any responsibility for a situation that isn’t theirs and therefore there is nothing that they can do to change it or improve it.

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