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Professional mergers

Professions resulting from the combination of more traditional professions. In some cases also developing to serve as a bridge between the on-line and off-line world. The barriers between professions are evened. Be willing to jump across specialist knowledge boundaries as technologies and disciplines converge, developing a blend of technical training and 'softer' collaborative skills.

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    Example: Digital Archeologist (a specialist in digital imaging clearing the image of persons or companies) Agro chef (mix between the cook and the farmer who works in developing seeds and products according to customer tastes) Environmental Nurse (a professional who works on certain environmental health effects), Talent Agregator (an expert who thanks to the management of databases and information from independent professionals is able to implement a project rapidly for organizations whose fixed structure has been reduced to a minimum.) Wiki writer (a writer capable of handling a variety of different media and information).

    References: Report on tendencies of labour market Sodexo 2014

    Webs & Links: http://www.expansion.com/2014/02/21/emprendedores-empleo/mercado-laboral/1393011574.html
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