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If we define the Game Generation as that which grew up playing video games, it is estimated that this generation is more than 90 million people strong—ONLY in the United States! Their brains are wired differently.

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Happiness in an excel worksheet. Simple math formulas to help us explore, understand and articulate our emotions, from emotional intelligence to emotional fluency.

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I am my own brand. What differentiates you from the rest?

What makes you different from the pack in a competitive and changing environment? If you don’t know what makes you different and you don’t communicate your message, then how can you expect others to know?

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Agencies and HR Departments partnering, through social media, to promote job vacancies and to develop a network of “passive” candidates for both agencies and companies alike.

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We live in an audiovisual culture, we are living in “the screen age”.

We consume contents in the form of image (SIghts) , SOund and MOtion. Static things bore us.

Screens are taking the place of paper and text.

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Keep It Short and Simple… please, your communication too.

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The need to connect with our inner humanness, as we explore an uncertain future. Even if we are not sure where our lives are going, as individuals, we need to develop a sense of purpose, or we would simply be lost.

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A mix between the Classic Trainer and the Community Manager.

The natural habitat of the trainer is the classroom. The natural habitat of the Community Manager is the online community.

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I heard it and I forgot it; I saw it and I understood it; I did it and I learned it.

We live in a culture of rationalization in we are said that analysis is enough to understand.

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