About us

We are a team of people that shares a common interest


trendtionary-about-usNew companies and new professionals need new terms and concepts that inspire them.


Language creates reality…and we think that a new reality is possible, isn’t it?

We want to establish a dialogue about management trends. Don’t be afraid! We want to make the dialogue simple, participative, different and... thought provoking.

That’s what has motivated us to join forces and create Trendtionary.

We are a team of people that shares a common interest. We understand each other and we enjoy working together. We believe that hoarding ideas is a losing game, but sharing them is a win-win situation for everyone.

We come from various places and experiences, and that is precisely what sets our team on fire...




How do we feed the fire?


Elena Méndez provides the idea, the management vision and her uncanny ability
to sniff out new trends.


Oxidizing Agents:

José Manuel García Prada thinks in 2.0, social media and technology platforms that
help us to connect and share. David Bautista Naveros & Antonio Gallego & Javier Naranjo
translates our analogical ideas into digital zeros and ones.



Paco Fdez., a Visual Designer, who creates something simple, attractive and different with
everything he touches.


A big Team

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