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A study circle is one of the most democratic forms of a learning environment ever created.  

There are no teachers.  The group decides on what content will be covered, what scope will be used, as well as a delivery method.  

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Don´t listen to the HiPPOs!

HiPPO is an acronym for the "highest paid person's opinion" or the "highest paid person in the office." The acronym is used to describe the tendency for lower-paid employees to defer to higher-paid employees when a decision has to be made.

The term can also be used to describe an organization's reliance on human instinct rather than data in the decision-making process.

"When it comes tho the quality of decision-making, pay level is irrelevant and experience is valuable only if it is used to frame a winning argument. In most companies, experience is the winning argument. We call these places "tenurocracies", because porquer derives from tenure, not merit". Extract from "How Google works" by Eric Schmidt and Jonathan Rosenber.

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Great professionals need agents the same way that sports figures, actors and artists need them.

Professionals who are really good at what they do are highly sought and they need someone to manage their commitments, jobs and projects. The role of the headhunter will flip.  

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One characteristic critical to world-class teams is “divine discontent.” It is an attitude to learning and growth that is never satisfied with past achievements but always searching for the next challenge. It is remarkable how many sports players and teams are perpetually dissatisfied with their performance. After what seems an outstanding performance they appear ill at ease. Outsiders may even think them churlish.
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Compete or Cooperate? You don’t have to choose. Why not “Co-opeteer”?

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El CBE o Egoismo Empresarial Colaborativo no se trata de una contradicción en sí misma.
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When you’re worked up about something, and you sit down and you furiously type up a message and hit send. For a split second you have a feeling of satisfaction, and then… “Oh no, why did I do that? Why did I say that?”


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Do you really think that your management is impeccable and beyond reproach? Come on! We like companies to be “human”, and as such they are not perfect.

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What Is in It For Me? What else can you offer me, as a company, in addition to my salary?

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