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Take ownership of your learning. The “Teach ME” days are over.  You are in charge of your own learning.  Don’t put your learning in the hands of anyone else.  You are responsible for learning from everything and everyone.  

Don’t wait for them to tell you in a class.  Learning is like Leadership, it can be learned, but cannot be taught.

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We can´t stop learning at the age of 21. Learning is not confined to childhood or the classroom, but occurs throughout life and in a range of situations. It is the ongoing, voluntary and self-motivated pursuit of knowledge for personal or professional reasons. Therefore, it not only enhances competitiveness and employability; but also social inclusion, active citizenship and personal development. 


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Info “overload” will become even more overwhelming.

People and services that can help us to disconnect, reconnect, or improve personal productivity will become more important.


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When the education and entrepreneurship sectors merge and embrace each other. Educators work to foster life-long learners. Entrepreneurs claim to be life-long learners. What if both learned more from each other? What happens when educators approach their tasks with an entrepreneurial perspective, when students tackle their assignments as entrepreneurs solving a problem, and entrepreneurs never stopping learning, teaching, and mentoring others?

What if education and entrepreneurship are now a single, instead of separate sectors? 

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Social is not only a question of “social media”.  Community and environment also matter. What do you do for them? What do you do besides work?  You want companies to do something to make the world a better place.  

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You learn Anywhere, Anytime, Anyplace… and from Anyone.

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The building block of oragnisations should be small teams. The 'Two Pizza Rule' Is Jeff Bezos' secret to productive meetings: The more people there are, the less productive meetings will be.

Amazon´s Jeff Bezos has a "two-pizza team" rule: Teams should be small enough to be fed by two pizzas. Small teams ge more done, and spend lesss time worrying about who gets credit. Small teams are like families: they can bicker and fight, but they usually pull together at crunch times.

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Did you know that you are worth what you know?

We like to share what we know and to think that we know more than others. More importantly, we love to be recognized for it! “Knowledge” is a social currency.

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Knowledge in my pocket. How? Mix of well-known Apps and QR codes, bringing information about objects, concepts and even people that we encounter in the real world instantly. Use Point & Know for training too. Why not? Accurate knowledge at the right time.


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