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Feel free to add new terms you´ve read, heard about or that you have defined yourself. We´d love to hear from you!

If you share terms that others have created or another person’s work, please don’t forget to cite them in your entry-It’s not about copying, but about spreading the word.

Notice that new trend-terms are around you. Notice patterns and connect the dots.

Proceed with curiosity.






trendtionary-comment-shareComment & Share


All terms are open to interpretation and comments. Help us to make trend-terms better.

Your comments help us to improve our understanding, to qualify a term, to provide more examples or to give us another point of view.

You can also choose your favorite terms and share them with others.








trendtionary-vote-like-dislikeVote “Like or Not Like”


Holy trend-terms! We’ve got so many. Which are the best? You be the judge.

There are many new terms submitted to the Trendtionary every week. So, come back frequently!

Deciding which one of these concepts is the best, is in you hands.

Go ahead and vote on the ones that inspire you most.






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