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Simultaneous WRITTEN generation of ideas. 

Don´t confuse with "Brain Storming": Simultaneous ORAL generation of ideas.

It's a big source of frustration when running an idea-generation session: All too often, brainstorming sessions are dominated by one or two people who shut everyone else down.

How bad can it get? According to Leigh Thompson, J. Jay Gerber Professor of Dispute Resolutions and Organizations, research indicates that in a typical six-person meeting, two people do more than 60 percent of the talking. Increase the size of the group, and the problem only gets worse.

What to do? Hand out pens and cards and get everyone writing—brainwriting.

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Don´t listen to the HiPPOs!

HiPPO is an acronym for the "highest paid person's opinion" or the "highest paid person in the office." The acronym is used to describe the tendency for lower-paid employees to defer to higher-paid employees when a decision has to be made.

The term can also be used to describe an organization's reliance on human instinct rather than data in the decision-making process.

"When it comes tho the quality of decision-making, pay level is irrelevant and experience is valuable only if it is used to frame a winning argument. In most companies, experience is the winning argument. We call these places "tenurocracies", because porquer derives from tenure, not merit". Extract from "How Google works" by Eric Schmidt and Jonathan Rosenber.

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Professions resulting from the combination of more traditional professions. In some cases also developing to serve as a bridge between the on-line and off-line world. The barriers between professions are evened. Be willing to jump across specialist knowledge boundaries as technologies and disciplines converge, developing a blend of technical training and 'softer' collaborative skills.
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One characteristic critical to world-class teams is “divine discontent.” It is an attitude to learning and growth that is never satisfied with past achievements but always searching for the next challenge. It is remarkable how many sports players and teams are perpetually dissatisfied with their performance. After what seems an outstanding performance they appear ill at ease. Outsiders may even think them churlish.
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Conseguir que todos los miembros de una empresa trabajen coordinadamente en pos de un misma visión y objetivos empresariales.
Hacer sentir a los empleados importantes, relevantes dentro de la empresa, "one directionar" los valores institucionales con los de cada miembro ya sea éste empleado, accionista ó consejero para que todos trabajen con un único objetivo común; como somos parte, nos importa su destino y trabajamos por conseguirlo. En definitiva conseguir que la diversidad trabaje en unidad.

Para ello la función de RRHH debe alinearse a la estrategia empresarial, no estar en un escalón por debajo, debe modelar una estrategia global, clara y aplicarla de manera coherente y racional para cada empresa. Es un proceso de evolución lenta necesitado de líderes que gestionen la inteligencia emocional, convencidos del cambio que trabajen sobre todo la parte emocional de las personas, el sentimiento de pertenencia, establecer relaciones basadas en la confianza y respeto no tanto en el control y obediencia, espacios colaborativos donde el propio lider sea el primero en ser accesible, utilizar las redes corporativas, conciliación, todo aquello que nos haga sentir útiles que le dé sentido a nuestro quehacer diario.
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The building block of oragnisations should be small teams. The 'Two Pizza Rule' Is Jeff Bezos' secret to productive meetings: The more people there are, the less productive meetings will be.

Amazon´s Jeff Bezos has a "two-pizza team" rule: Teams should be small enough to be fed by two pizzas. Small teams ge more done, and spend lesss time worrying about who gets credit. Small teams are like families: they can bicker and fight, but they usually pull together at crunch times.

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When the education and entrepreneurship sectors merge and embrace each other. Educators work to foster life-long learners. Entrepreneurs claim to be life-long learners. What if both learned more from each other? What happens when educators approach their tasks with an entrepreneurial perspective, when students tackle their assignments as entrepreneurs solving a problem, and entrepreneurs never stopping learning, teaching, and mentoring others?

What if education and entrepreneurship are now a single, instead of separate sectors? 

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El CBE o Egoismo Empresarial Colaborativo no se trata de una contradicción en sí misma.
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A merge of “Adquisition” + “Hiring”.  The practice of acquiring a company mainly for its talent rather than its product. 
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