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"Think big. Start small. Scale Fast."

Lean startup philosophy helps Start-Ups to move faster.

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We don’t only ask ourselves, “Who is in control?”, but also “Who has influence?”

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A business model in which no one earns money by telling others what to and when to do it.

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“Work with whomever you want”.

Networks of professionals are working together only for projects that they choose and which suit them. Opportunities are not the only things that generate groups, professionals who come together as a group also create opportunities.(e.g. EnEvolucion, Urbano Humano). 


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Also Known as Unsourcing. Not only having your employees work for you. Your customer may also provide solutions, services or ideas. Get a tiny job, earn a tiny payment. Repeat. Your consumers can be also your workforce doing tiny tasks.


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Work is where you are, and not only in the office or at home.

Devices and mobile apps, I can even work in the clouds….sorry, THE cloud (cloud computing).

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Reductionism. In a world dominated by ‘mega-choice’, we are moving towards ‘nega-choice’ (or negative choice). 

It’s active reductionism at work. People no longer want to choose from 20 different types of options…

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Please don’t lie!  

Each time you pull the wool over my eyes I feel undervalued and like I’m not important to you.

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You should train your employees, but you should also train your clients.

Some companies have taken the leap and are “transforming their clients” by teaching them the culture of the product or service that they are selling.


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