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What if employers had the upper hand in structuring contractual conditions to meet their specific needs? If zero-hour contracts, and similar flexible arrangements, became the norm, what would the labour market of 2030 look like?

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The ability to connect to others in a deep and direct way. It is the skill of sensing and stimulating relationships, as well as desired interactions.

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What Is in It For Me? What else can you offer me, as a company, in addition to my salary?

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Happiness in an excel worksheet. Simple math formulas to help us explore, understand and articulate our emotions, from emotional intelligence to emotional fluency.

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People deny themselves the possibility of doing something to change. Victims assume that they don’t have any responsibility for a situation that isn’t theirs and therefore there is nothing that they can do to change it or improve it.

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The need to connect with our inner humanness, as we explore an uncertain future. Even if we are not sure where our lives are going, as individuals, we need to develop a sense of purpose, or we would simply be lost.

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When you consume or work, you make a positive difference --not only in the bottom line, but also in your team, your division, your company and your society.  What you buy and what you do at work are literal representations of what you believe in.

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Why does this matter? Why am I doing this job? Maps are no longer useful. Now, we need a compass.

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What do you use your power for? Only for your own benefit? Return Leadership is the use of your power and influence to help community and society. You owe it to your Community.

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