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Internal communication strategies: “The client doesn’t come first.”

Companies spend millions of Euros on advertising campaigns to connect with the final consumer; often forgetting that to get there, the journey has to begin inside its own organization.

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The need to connect with our inner humanness, as we explore an uncertain future. Even if we are not sure where our lives are going, as individuals, we need to develop a sense of purpose, or we would simply be lost.

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What do you use your power for? Only for your own benefit? Return Leadership is the use of your power and influence to help community and society. You owe it to your Community.

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Compete or Cooperate? You don’t have to choose. Why not “Co-opeteer”?

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In addition to competitive advantages, there are also competitive collaborations. It’s not only about trying to understand how to be the best by competing with others, but how to grow by collaborating with others.


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Show me what the company is about before I commit to it.

Take a walk and see our culture and how we work first-hand.


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Your history and legacy as a company isn’t just an asset. It might also be a liability. Consumers and employees that are more and more jaded prefer brands without tradition and history because they have nothing to hide. These companies are innocent at birth, and they have been born in a transparent world.


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Work in progress. Our natural state. We are not perfect! Sometimes it’s best to launch a product before it’s perfect. Come on!

Even Apple, a company that is known for perfection and control, releases products with known shortfalls.


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HR Concierge or HRCon team: this figure has one mission: To make guests and employees feel at home.


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