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Compete or Cooperate? You don’t have to choose. Why not “Co-opeteer”?

In business, cooperation is baking a cake together; and, competition is dividing the cake and fighting for the biggest piece. Co-opetition teaches us how to compete without destroying the cake, and cooperate without having anyone eat your piece of the cake. Be productive by learning how to compete and to collaborate simultaneously.

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    Coined by: Adam M. Branderburger & Barry J. Nalebug.

    Klarna , which began as a payment-processing service for online stores, has offered mobile payment services to businesses since 2010, and includes Spotify among its 15,000 customers. Sweden’s four big mobile-phone operators worked together to launch WyWallet, their own payment system, in the middle of 2013. At once 97% of Swedish mobile-phone users could pay for goods at participating businesses. Another company, iZettle, recently gave card readers to Stockholm’s homeless magazine-sellers to process payments. It has grown within two years to provide mobile payment to businesses in Britain and Brazil, as well as in its home country. 



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