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You should train your employees, but you should also train your clients.

Some companies have taken the leap and are “transforming their clients” by teaching them the culture of the product or service that they are selling.


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Your employees know even more than you. You don´t control all the information!

Companies have less ability to shape and massage public and private perceptions of their firms. Every step and misstep is instantly subject to scrutiny.

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Info “overload” will become even more overwhelming.

People and services that can help us to disconnect, reconnect, or improve personal productivity will become more important.


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Shallow breathing or breath holding while writing an email, or while working or playing in front of a screen.

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We live in an audiovisual culture, we are living in “the screen age”.

We consume contents in the form of image (SIghts) , SOund and MOtion. Static things bore us.

Screens are taking the place of paper and text.

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Keep It Short and Simple… please, your communication too.

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Information is beautiful. Use art forms to represent data.

Filter the world’s data, information and knowledge into beautiful, interesting and, above all, useful visuals, infographics and diagrams. 


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Happiness in an excel worksheet. Simple math formulas to help us explore, understand and articulate our emotions, from emotional intelligence to emotional fluency.

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Humanity watches 80 million hours of You Tube every day. Video is the killer app.

Don´t write to me. Tell me. Show me.

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