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Increasingly high levels of anxiety around jobs (different causes: security, technology, crisis, aging, frustration, and indecision) that produce a lack of trust, low morale and productivity, inefficiency and mistakes.

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“Wellbeing” is profitable. This concept measures the impact and power that wellbeing, health and personal satisfaction have on both personal and group goal attainment.


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In addition to competitive advantages, there are also competitive collaborations. It’s not only about trying to understand how to be the best by competing with others, but how to grow by collaborating with others.


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What is good for business is good for society and vice versa.

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Happiness in an excel worksheet. Simple math formulas to help us explore, understand and articulate our emotions, from emotional intelligence to emotional fluency.

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What Is in It For Me? What else can you offer me, as a company, in addition to my salary?

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The ideal worker is also “Transdisciplinarity-shaped”. He brings a deep understanding of at least one field, but has the capacity to speak the language of a broader range of disciplines. This requires a sense of curiosity and a willingness to go on learning far beyond the years of formal education. Extended life spans promote multiple careers and exposure to more industries and disciplines.

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Massive Open Online Course. To be considered a MOOC a training course must be: mass market, online, open and free of charge.

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The ability to connect to others in a deep and direct way. It is the skill of sensing and stimulating relationships, as well as desired interactions.

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