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The need to connect with our inner humanness, as we explore an uncertain future. Even if we are not sure where our lives are going, as individuals, we need to develop a sense of purpose, or we would simply be lost.

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People deny themselves the possibility of doing something to change. Victims assume that they don’t have any responsibility for a situation that isn’t theirs and therefore there is nothing that they can do to change it or improve it.

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You only live once, so make the most of your work! and tell us, please cristal clear, Why is it worth working for your company?
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When the education and entrepreneurship sectors merge and embrace each other. Educators work to foster life-long learners. Entrepreneurs claim to be life-long learners. What if both learned more from each other? What happens when educators approach their tasks with an entrepreneurial perspective, when students tackle their assignments as entrepreneurs solving a problem, and entrepreneurs never stopping learning, teaching, and mentoring others?

What if education and entrepreneurship are now a single, instead of separate sectors? 

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Prosumidor es un término que lo lei en un artículo de Alejandro Formanchuk que indica que los miembros de una organización puedan alternar sus roles de productores y consumidores de información. 
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El CBE o Egoismo Empresarial Colaborativo no se trata de una contradicción en sí misma.
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Talent + Team Work + Technology.
Talento + Trabajo en equipo + Tecnología.
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Mentoring is now a 360º activity, and no longer a top-down imposition.  We have to learn from other people who provide new perspectives.

E.g. The PWC Mentoring Program partners young associates with senior managers to promote knowledge and skill sharing in social media.

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A rising position within the area of markeing and sales.

Sean Ellis, coined the term “growth hacker” in 2010, he was the first person in charge of Dropbox’s growth. He understood what is new about internet products. Growth hackers understand the latent potential of software products to spread themselves, and it’s their responsibility to transform this potentiality into a reality.

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