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A merge of “Adquisition” + “Hiring”.  The practice of acquiring a company mainly for its talent rather than its product. 
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Compete or Cooperate? You don’t have to choose. Why not “Co-opeteer”?

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Google, Google+, Linkedin, Twitter, and Pinterest will be your business card and your CV.

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I am my own brand. What differentiates you from the rest?

What makes you different from the pack in a competitive and changing environment? If you don’t know what makes you different and you don’t communicate your message, then how can you expect others to know?

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Take ownership of your learning. The “Teach ME” days are over.  You are in charge of your own learning.  Don’t put your learning in the hands of anyone else.  You are responsible for learning from everything and everyone.  

Don’t wait for them to tell you in a class.  Learning is like Leadership, it can be learned, but cannot be taught.

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I heard it and I forgot it; I saw it and I understood it; I did it and I learned it.

We live in a culture of rationalization in we are said that analysis is enough to understand.

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Spare brainpower in the world or organizations’ collective mind just sitting there waiting to be harnessed. For example, compare the 200 billion hours of TV viewing a year by US adults vs. the 100 million hours used to create Wikipedia.


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Powerful questions are provocative questions that invoke clarification, action and the discovery of a new level of knowledge. In general they are open questions that activate a genuinely creative and transformative process. The answer is usually neither not accurate nor immediate.
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A graph that depicts relationships at work (influence, learning, organization, support and development), from tangible authority to invisible relationships. 


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