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Crowd Accelerated Innovation

Humanity watches 80 million hours of You Tube every day. Video is the killer app.

Don´t write to me. Tell me. Show me.

And when I see you and I hear you, we spark off each other, we challenge each other online to get better. And there are just three things you need for this thing to kick into gear, you can think of them as three dials on a giant wheel.

You turn up the dials and the wheel starts to turn. You need: a crowd (a group of people who share a common interest), light (open visibility), and desire (innovation is hard work).

The system is self-fuelling, it´s the crowd that shines the light and fuels the desire. Invite the crowd, let in the light, dial the desire.

Powerful communities have been connecting online sparking off each other.


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    Coined by: Chris Anderson, TED´s curator


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