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A statement, very used in Social Media, in which you pretend to be modest but which you are really using as a way of telling people about your success or achievements. Humblebragging can be much more nuanced and difficult to discern.

Are we all humblebraggers? Probably … The definition is pretty broad, and we’ll first need to have a conclusive discussion on the value of humility as a governor versus humility as an innate personality trait to make any significant progress. What’s humility, anyways?

Maybe the most relevant way to put it: Who knows?... Does Humblebragging work? If you want to brag, just brag. Even better, just complain.

An example of to humblebrag, is to talk about your college background and how you didn’t compare to the students in your class while casually mentioning that you went to an ivy league school. 

An example on Humblebragging seen on Twitter: “Anyone else get invited to the Russian Embassy for the bloggers barbaque next week?” #Oddinvites

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