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“Name: The coffice. Age: As old as free Wi-Fi. Appearance: Half coffee shop, half office. Hence the name”.

via The coffice: the future of work? by The Guardian.

This is about changing the face of work, as described by Nicola Millard, a futurologist for BT. Because if you're a "knowledge-based" worker, all you need for most of the time is a phone, a computer and an internet connection. 

Rather than commuting to a boring old office, Take your laptop to a cool coffee shop, where you can … yap into your mobiles, hog the tables and wreck the atmosphere for anyone who just wants an espresso and a read of the papers? Well, yeah. But you can also surf the net, check their emails and access their Google Drives.

Instead of saying "I'm working late." You can say: "I'll be working on latte."

Instead of saying I go to the office, you can say let´s go to the coffice… or… a better idea…. Let's go to the "pubfice"!
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