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The Four-generational (4G) workplace

The future workplace will be multi-generational, with four generations working side-by-side. Traditional notions of hierarchy and seniority will become less important. The skills for leading and managing the 4G workforce, and for facilitating collaboration across multiple generations and their values, will be in increasing demand.

Different generations have to understand each other. Fostering intergenerational solidarity in the workplace is extremely important to future business performance.
The complex values of this multi-generational workforce will impact upon employers’ ability to attract talent, at all skill levels. Attitudes to corporate social responsibility, or expectations of flexible working conditions, will alter the ways employers recruit. Cross-generational skills acquisition will be important.
While the speed of technological change may place younger workers at a perceived advantage, especially those who have grown up entirely in a digital age, all age, workers in older age groups will need to embrace technology fully in order to compete in the labour market. By 2020, over 50 per cent of the workforce are expected to be Generation Y members who have grown up connected, collaborative and mobile.


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    “The Future of work, Jobs and Skills in 2030” by UK Commission for employment and skills.

    UK CES

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