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Job crafting

How do you change your job without changing jobs?

If you take parts of your work and reconfigure it, you’ll end up with a more meaningful job to better suit your talent and interests. Employees could map out ways to make their jobs more meaningful, and it can make them happier and more effective.

The Job Crafting Exercise allows workers to redesign their jobs by creating a visual plan that views the job as "a flexible set of building blocks" instead of a fixed set of duties and tasks. In breaking up their job, workers are able to craft something more ideal based on three key traits: values, strengths, and passion, which are said to be the essence of happiness at work.

To get workers to visualize what a change in their job will look like, the Job Crafting Exercise focuses on three forms of job crafting:

1. Task crafting, which changes your activities and day-to-day tasks.
2. Relational crafting, which revamps your relationship with others to change your perspective on why you do a certain job.
3. Cognitive crafting, which reframes how you view work and the interactions you have with others to unlock new performance opportunities.

For instance, if you're an engineer who has a passion for teaching, you can create a modified version of your job that fulfills your passion by, for example, starting an internship or mentorship program (task crafting) at your firm, get colleagues involved (relational crafting), and mentally reframe the way you view work (cognitive crafting).

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